Evaluation of Dopplers “easy2PLAN” tool

Recently , Doppler, a well known Greek elevator manufacturer has released its online configuration tool “easy2PLAN”.

Since I saw the link on LinkedIn, I thought: Ok, give it a try.
The tool is comparable easy to use. Unfortunately, even after using the default values from the documentation, I was not able to get a result. I always got “0 RECORDS FOUND”.

This was my goal: According to the documentation, based on the parameters the result should be a scaled layout drawing. Since I am interested in BIM, my attention was more dedicated to figure out whether we can also download a scaled 3D BIM model.
I left a note to the developer at Doppler and will keep you updated when I get an answer or the 3D BIM models are available.

Short Review of KONE Elevator Toolbox

In this small chapter, I would like to give some feedback on the KONE Elevator toolbox.
To me, this toolbox looks pretty complete.

Beside configuring the main elevator dimensions, door types, etc you can also select cabin designs and a lot of other options. For the floor levels, they have nicely implemented a table, where you can also define the services for front and rear. Also this application supports 2 car groups. This is what I tried.

2D: The system delivers 2D DWG and PDF files. The 2D drawings also reflect the 2 car group. The vertical section shows head, pit and travel. Intermediate floors, rail bracket distances, etc are not shown.

3D: The Revit BIM model is simplified and shows only a subset of the values I entered into the web page. The BIM model is a single elevator. For the car group you must add it twice into your Revit buidling model.

The Revit family is good for the initial planning stages. Vertical stops can be customized for your concrete need and building.
There is no IFC or similar download option. If you need more or if you are using another 3D CAD program you need to contact KONE for a (more detailed) BIM model.

The KONE Elevator toolbox can be startet from here: